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I was shortlisted to work in a salon when I was 17 and they told me I had to dye my hair red and let them cut it. I flat out refused and left.

Worked as an apprentice, on the trial day I was shown barbie dolls with the most eccentric hair you can imagine. I got the job because I loved how weird they were and my reaction sold me to the owner. The front of the salon was decorated as a butchers shop! I guess that’s where I get my love of weird from and why my style is so quirky now!

I used to hate it when I worked in a large salon that I felt like I was being rushed as a stylist and also that I was rushing the customer.

Left to teach – hairdressing to kids that have been expelled from school/behavioural difficulties.

DJing part-time – big love for music (house/techno)

Made redundant, what am I going to do?

The opportunity arose at a local beauty barn for a space for a hair stylist. Blow dry bar and put up bar on Thurs/fri/sat. I was saying no more than I was saying yes, targeted no one and got everyone! Ended up offering colour after 3 months of opening the doors on my blow dry bar! Going from 3 days a week to full time. The rest is history!

Passion for styling – particularly undone/messy/rebellious hair – dancing queen. End of the night looks as good as the start.

"Women should have access to the ‘expensive undone’ look, showcasing their rebellious nature through colour, cut or styling"

I am pleased to say that Stacy James Presents Style is now part of the Green Salon Collective. 

Founded by environmental experts, hairdressers & eco campaigners, GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE is the original authority on salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland wide.

They facilitate salon sustainability by recycling the unrecyclable and profits raised from the sale of all commodities get redistributed and recycled too by supporting charities & local communities, as well as aiding all salons on their own journey towards a greener future.

Read more about it here.


Stacy James Presents Style Uses Yellow Hair Colours.

Alfaparf Yellow is a permanent hair colouring cream with a low ammonia content. Colour results are vibrant and true to the tone and can gently lighten up to 5 levels of lift. Its exclusive Aloetrix and crystallised micropigments support healthy hair and promote long-lasting colour.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Stacy James Presents Style Is a Proud Member of the NHBF

The NHBF has been supporting the hair and beauty industry since 1942 and we are the leading trade association dedicated to hair and beauty in the UK. Their unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise mean they are the trusted resource for salons, barbershops and self-employed chair, space and room renters.

They are also giving me the most up to date Corona Guidelines and Health & Safety measures.